The Reverent Lens | Artist Statement



 Artist Statement 


The works of abstract photographers Barbara Kasten, Roland Fischer and Freeman Patterson, as well as the abstract paintings of Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Kandinsky, are the genesis of my passion for Abstract Expressionism Photography. I am fascinated by repetitive patterns, symmetry, strong shapes, bold color and texture. One might even say that I’m driven to abstraction!


I find subjects for my images everywhere, from the banks of a scenic river to a mundane heap of trash. They do require a special way of looking and seeing. Abstracts are magical. With no or few recognizable elements, they invite our unfettered imagination. Viewed through the lens of our diverse life experiences, abstracts have the power to speak to each of us in a different language. 


When we pause long enough to examine, we find that each small element of a complex reality can be beautiful enough to stir the soul. If one of my images leads a viewer to a deeper appreciation of the veiled beauty and subtle harmonies that surround us everywhere, even amidst society’s division and chaos, I've accomplished my goal as an artist. Through a reverent lens, I endeavor to look beyond discord and give homage to the harmony and intrinsic interconnectedness of all.