Sandy Gherardi


Artist Statement


I'm utterly driven to abstraction! I discover subjects for my images everywhere, from the banks of a bucolic river to a mundane heap of trash. Abstracts merely require a special way of looking and seeing. Never knowing what I'll find as I go about my day, each day becomes an adventure. I rarely pre-select a specific location to photograph but often notice something extraordinary wherever I happen to be.

Abstracts are magical! They're amazingly personal. Viewed through the lens of our individual life experiences, we each interpret Abstract Art in a different way. Abstracts summon our creative imagination to interpret what we see. Like an emotionally moving symphony, or beautifully flowing movements of a ballet, Abstract Photography, and all fine art photography, possesses the power to touch us deeply.

I have lived and worked in the Washington, DC area since 1966. My interest in photography began with a Nikon School of Photography course in 1980. A subsequent Digital Arts course at the Corcoran School of Art opened a whole new world. I was hooked. Since then, I have been self taught. Inspired by the abstract photographs of Barbara Kasten, Roland Fischer and Freeman Patterson, as well as paintings by Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Kandinsky, photographic Abstract Expressionism has become my passion. Almost all of my shots are hand held, as I've always felt that a tripod limits my ability to react quickly. 

“Abstracts” are a part of the whole scene. Though they're hidden, they are just as real. I strive to give homage to the beauty and subtle harmony that underlies everything, including the broken and discordant. If we mute the unrelenting media cacophony of our digital age and pause long enough to peer beyond the obvious, we're likely to discover covert beauty, even in the most unlikely subjects and places. 

Through a reverent lens, I endeavor to abstract elements of veiled harmony and offer extraordinary glimpses into ordinary subjects. When I’ve captured fleeting moments in time that might otherwise have flown past unnoticed, and when an image causes the viewer to experience a deeper appreciation of the obscured magnificence that surrounds us, I'm satisfied that I have accomplished my goal as a photographic artist.