Sandy Gherardi


Artist Statement


I'm utterly driven to Abstraction! I discover subjects for my images everywhere, from the banks of a scenic river to a mundane heap of trash. For artist and viewer alike, Abstracts reward a special way of seeing. They're magical! With no or few recognizable elements, Abstracts invite our unconstrained imagination. They become amazingly personal to each viewer. Through the lens of our diverse life experiences, Abstracts speak to each of us in a unique and intimate way. 


The abstract photographic images of Barbara Kasten, Roland Fischer and Freeman Patterson, and the paintings of Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Kandinsky, have deepened my passion for Abstracts. Focusing on repetitive patterns, symmetry, strong shapes, bold color or texture, I shine a spotlight on hidden, but nonetheless actual, fragments of reality. Like a painter, at times I interpret reality to better express my aesthetic vision. Frequently, I present the image exactly as I captured it. When I pause long enough to carefully observe, I find that even a tiny element of a complex reality is often beautiful enough to stir the soul.


If one of my images leads a viewer to a deeper appreciation of the veiled beauty and subtle harmonies that surround us, even in the most unlikely and obscure places, I've accomplished my goal as an artist. Looking with new eyes beyond the readily visible to the underlying beauty and harmony of everything, brings calm and cohesiveness to my world. I hope that it refreshes your spirit, too.