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Sandy Gherardi
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It's not what we look at that matters, it's what we see."  Henry David Thoreau


Welcome! I invite you to journey with me through Abstract Fine Art Photographic Images, and to also explore this site's Representational/Interpretive Gallery. All images in both galleries are available for purchase as custom fine art archival prints in various sizes, framed or unframed. For a price quote, please go to "Contact" page with size requirements and framing preferences.

Abstract subjects are extracted from reality in a way that renders them unrecognizable. They force us to stop and ponder. If you have to ask, "What is it?", it's Abstract. Understanding Abstracts requires (to borrow a term from author and photographer, Philippe L. Gross) a "seeing beyond seeing". Reality is not solely what is obvious.

Abstracts are truly magical. Whatever you wish them to be, they are!

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