Artist Statement 


"Inspired by the abstract photographs of Barbara Kasten, Roland Fischer and Freeman Patterson, as well as by the abstract paintings of Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Kandinsky, photographic Abstract Expressionism has become my passion. 


I'm fascinated by repetitive patterns, symmetry, strong shapes, bold color and texture. 


Paradoxically, I'm drawn to the beauty and serenity of nature, especially nature's palette of pastel blue-greens that rise like sea foam from tropical waters. Though I dabble in representational images, I inevitably gravitate to abstraction.


I love the fact that abstracts are fun and amazing to capture and create. Subjects can be found everywhere. They just require a special way of looking and seeing. Each day is exciting. I never know what I'll find as I go about my day.


I rarely pre-select a specific location to photograph. Rather, I find something extraordinary wherever I happen to be, whether overlooking a bucolic river or a mundane heap of trash!


The majority of my shots are hand held, as I've always felt that a tripod limits my spontaneity. Some images are created in camera, others are the product of mostly minor post-processing.


The definition of photography as art is illusive. I think of it as the coming together of various elements that make a compelling photograph (line, tone, color, strong composition, shape, balance, harmony) into a symphonic work that entices the viewer to linger and ponder. Like an emotionally moving symphony, or beautifully flowing movements of a ballet, fine art photography can stir the soul. 


I love to showcase the hidden beauty of everyday things by abstracting elements of veiled harmony from both natural and manufactured subjectsWhen the image leads a viewer to a deeper appreciation of the amazing beauty and harmony that surrounds us everywhere, even amidst twenty-first century fragmentation and chaos, I'm satisfied that I have accomplished my goal as an artist."